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Duck's Feet Links offers you a great opportunity to promote and market your website through the posting of a serie of images or a video.

There are only two prior requirements to take part in Duck's Feet Links contribution and link sharing scheme:

You must own all copyrights of your photos and videos.

Please send your website's name, URL, a banner, and between 5 to 20 photos or a short video to this address:

Duck's Feet Links will do its best to increase your visibility and bring you a large number of interested web users.
Don't forget to add our Duck's Feet Links banner on a visible part of your homepage so as to increase shared trafic.

For a link back to my site, here the infos :

Title is : Duck's Feet Links

The URL is https://www.ducksfeetlinks.com

With a button or a banner, you can use :

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